Made of wood

We searched for the best wood, hard enough, with light color, soft when touching. We tested water-based ink, long-lasting and harmless for our environnement that could prevent us from using varnish, to produce in France a collection of wooden toys. Memo game is our first born.


The wood we use is produced in France, Jura. It is cut, sanded in a family run factory that benefits from PEFC label. We use it plain and raw to see its natural color and soft touch.



Patterns are screen-printed by hand with water-based inks in accordance with EU toy regulation. We made sure the ink is also totally harmless for our environment. Long drying makes it water resistant and avoid us to apply a varnish layer, leaving the wood with its natural color and touch


Wooden Icon Memo, memo game

Memo game with trendy design, cactus, cloud, palm tree, statue of liberty, anchor, tipi... and gleaming colors. 20 pairs, 40 tokens made of hornbeam wood from Jura and PEFC certification. Images are screen-printed by hand in France. One can play memo game from 3 to 99 year old!


46mm  diameter and 5mm width tokens, packed in a cotton bag - Made in France - illustrations Valérie Righenzi de Villers

wooden icon memo, 40 pièces en bois

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