Role-play toys

 "If I were a …"

Children love to play as much as to create and we allow their imagination to express itself by coloring in the elements provided with the game or by downloading other elements from our website to create new parts.

The little perfumery play shop

A pretend perfume shop with its shop-window, shelves and drawers, together with images of fragrance, body care products, nail lacquers...beautifully designed or ready to be colored to decorate the shop and play shopkeeper.

Everything you need to play shop is provided : bags, credit cards to insert into the machine, banknotes, chequebook, loyalty cards, samples to give away...

Size of the toy (closed) : 22 x 28 x 10 cm (barbie size!) - language English / French - made in china - Illustrations Peggy Moquay - without perfume smell

perfumery play shop

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The little library

All the elements to organize a personal library with the books at home : borrowing cards, membership cards, stickers… A fun way to encourage young readers to share their reading matter and exchange books 

Size of the box : 13 x 17 x 4 cm  - language English /  French - Made in France on FSC  paper and water-based inks

matériel de bibliothèque

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